Many publishers use categories as a means to logically organize their content. However, many pieces of content have more than one category. Sometimes it’s useful to designate a primary category for posts (and custom post types). On the front-end, you get the ability to query for posts (and custom post types) based on their primary category.

Asssign a Parent Category

Simply create or edit a post of your choosing and at the bottom of your edit side bar select your desired parent category and publish/update the post.

Note: If the chosen parent category isn't apart apart of the existing post it will be assigned on save.


Display Posts

To display the posts of your desired parent category simply use one of the following Shortcode Formats.

Note: We encourage you to use the first shortcode by id. In the event of a category name change the posts will still render. Choosing to render by name will require you to update the shortcode in the event of renaming the category.

[spc-posts-by-category id=2]
[spc-posts-by-category category="Worship"]