Website in progress at the moment. In the meantime please find some of my existing platforms for examples or work and reference. -Scott 03/18/19

For over six years I’ve had the honor to work with churches, small businesses, and learning platforms create and grow their online identity by providing custom site design and development on the WordPress platform. Depending on the time and need of the client I provide custom plugin development that tie into external apis, modification of existing themes, creation of new frontend content, quality assurance, and creation of documentations and offering live training along.

is a church platform developed for The Episcopal church targeted towards individual use. The platform consists of a PHP Laravel backend to author custom posts and process prayer request data as well as provide public APIs. The frontend website is written in Angular with accompanying mobile apps written in React Native all consuming the public APIs exposed. At this current time there have been over 1000 users of the platform.

Is a modern CMS (Church Management System) that I have developed for small churches and organizations to communicate with and manage their members. The platform written with the PHP Laravel offers email and SMS to communicate to their entire church or through their own defined groups, track attendance, handle prayer prayer requests, and soon event scheduling.

Offering coding tutorials on the basics of web development and programming for the Google Assistant. I really look forward to giving the channel a refresh and new content this year.

A place to store all my code at night both visible and not.